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The Kpop World Festival is a competition held yearly, usually during the summer and is a part of a convention that offers an insight to the Korean culture and includes various booths (food, hanbok, kpop merch etc.)

The contest itself consists of four rounds – 1. Auditions 2. Regional Preliminaries 3. Online contest 4. International contest – the finals (held in Changwon, South Korea).

The auditions round is being held online; at this round the applicants submit a video of their performance. The auditions are judged by a number of judges who rule which applicants pass to the second stage. Usually, the number of applicants who pass to second stage is around 12 to 14 people.

At the second round – the Regional Preliminaries, the participants compete in two categories – Vocal and Dance, each category usually has three winners, yet sometimes there are only two winners (only gold prize winners) to be determind by the judging panel. The winners get prizes provided by this year's sponsor – Samsung.

The gold prize winners of both categories then participate in the third round, which is an online round. KBS uploads all the videos of the gold prize winners (Vocal and Dance) to their official website. two groups from each country participate in that round, which makes for up to 160 participants. 12 to 14 groups are then chosen by KBS to participate in the fourth round – the finals, held in Changwon, South Korea. Israeli participants may be chosen to compete in the dance or vocal category, or not chosen at all.

At the fourth and final round, the participants are invited to South Korea around September-October, their trip includes sightseeing, various activities, training and finally performing at the Kpop World Festival in Changwon, where the winners get prizes by the organizers.


Judging criteria:

Vocal: 60% vocal skills, 20% pronunciation (clarity and accuracy of the lyrics), 20% stage presence, power and impact of performance.

Dance: 40% choreography (composition, unity and resemblance to the original dance), 30% techniques, 30% stage presence, power and impact of performance.



Who is not eligible to apply:

  1. Participants whose nationality is Korean
  2. Participants whose nationality is not Israeli
  3. Participants who don’t own a valid Israeli passport
  4. Participants who are banned from exiting Israel
  5. Under-aged participants whose parents don’t allow them to go abroad by themselves
  6. Previous years’ gold prize winners who were chosen to represent Israel in the international competition (in Changwon, South Korea).
  7. Previous years’ gold prize winners who want to participate as the same line-up who won the gold prize.

Who is eligible to apply

  1. Israeli nationals, living in Israel or abroad, as long as they are able to attend the Regional Preliminaries in Israel, held on July 18th at Smolarz Auditorium (Tel Aviv, Israel).
  2. Under-aged participants who got their parents’ permission to participate in the Regional Preliminaries and to travel to Korea by themselves in case they pass the third round of the competition.
  3. Participants who applied in previous years and participants who did compete in previous years’ Regional Preliminaries. But there might be a preference for newcomers.
  4. Previous years’ gold prize winners who apply to perform with a different line-up as opposed than the one they have won with. For example:
    – A solo gold prize winner is allowed to participate as long as he\she would apply as part of a duo or a group.
    – A duo or a group gold prize winners are allowed to participate as long as they will apply as a different line up/ with a different partner or solo, and as long as they haven’t won as solo participants before.
    – Vocal gold prize winners may participate in the vocal category again, as long as they participate with a different line-up as opposed to the one they have one with. Same applies to Dance category gold prize winners.
    – A vocal gold prize winner may participate in the dance category, and vice versa.

Regional Preliminaries Guidelines:

  1. It is allowed to participate as solo, duo or as a group.
  2. It is allowed to participate as a co-ed duo or a group.
  3. Each participant must send one audition only, a participant who applies numerous times will be judged by the first application received.
  4. It is allowed to perform with any Korean song, regardless of the gender or sex of the Korean artist. Female participants may perform with songs by male singers or group, same applies for male participants who wish to perform with songs by female artists or groups
  5. Each participant may apply for one category only – vocal or dance. In case the performance combines both singing and dancing, the participant must choose the category they would like to be judged by.
    * The judging will be done according to the judging criteria for the category chosen by the participant, therefore choose the category that best showcases your skills. For example: if the participant combines both singing and dancing, and chooses to be judged by the vocal category, the participant wouldn’t be judged by the choreography or by dance techniques, even if they are better than the participant’s vocal skills.
  6. The song must be in the Korean language. It is possible for the song to have a number of lines in foreign languages (for example: English or Spanish), but the majority of the song must be in Korean. Performance with Kpop songs in other languages (for example: English, Japanese or Chinese) is not allowed, even if it is an official version of the songs.
  7. The performance must not exceed 5 minutes.
  8. Make sure that the song doesn’t contain any vulgar language.
  9. Note that performing with a mash-up (a remix that contains numerous songs) is allowed at the Regional Preliminaries, but it is not allowed at the international competition (Changwon, South Korea).
  10. Participants are allowed to add an original choreography to their dance as long as it makes up no more than 10% of the song. It is also possible to add an original intro or breakdance which will be included in the alloted time frame. But do note that part of the judgement is given for resemblance to the original choreography, so it is not recommended to change the choreography a lot.
  11. A vocal participant who is interested in performing with background dancers – can perform with background dancers who are participating in the dance category, as long as the backup dancers are not included as participants in the vocal participant’s application. For example: a dance group can help their friend who’s competing in the vocal category by being background dancers, however the singer must apply only with his/her name only. In case the singer wins in the vocal category and the dancers don’t in dance category, they won’t receive a prize for their performance as background dancers.   
  12. A participant who applied and passed the audition with a certain song, cannot change their chosen song later on. In specific occasions permission to change the song is given; please ask us if the matter may concern you.
  13. A participant who passed the audition round and would like to cancel their participation at the Regional Preliminaries, would have to notify three weeks prior to the event.
  14. The auditions and the Regional Preliminaries would be judged by the Korean Embassy and/or individuals on their behalf.

Notes and Tips:

  1. All the regional contest participants, just like the event’s audience, must be respectful towards each other, towards the audience and towards the event’s guests. Inappropriate behaviour won’t be tolerated. A participant who will misbehave or won’t follow onsite instructions from the event's organizers might be warned and/or dropped out.
  2. Make sure your performance is appropriate and respectful. Participants may perform wearing short clothes as their length would be respecting towards the honored judges and the young audience watching their performance. An accepted attire is one that artists in Korea are allowed to go on stage wearing, if they aren’t allowed – then it’s inappropriate to wear for the Regional Preliminaries. In case of any doubt, participants are welcome to contact us.
  3. In case a participant would like to use any other equipment that is not a standard microphone, the participant must ask the Regional Preliminaries organizers for it as soon as possible. A participant who didn’t contact the Regional Preliminaries organizers – would have to perform with the equipment provided on site.
  4. Participants will have to sign a contract prior to performing, giving their permission for the 'K-Pop World Festival in Israel' staff to record, film, photograph, audiotape or videotape their performances, and to display, publish or distribute these works for publicity or advertising purposes.
  5. Media outlets might attend and cover the event, in case that happens – we would do our best to notify you prior to the event. Keep in mind that video footage of your participation might be used and shown in various media outlets.
  6. Take into consideration that participants who pass the third round of the competition and are invited to the fourth and final stage in Changwon, Korea – would have to partake in events that will be held on Fridays and Saturdays, which might be unsuitable for those who keep the Sabbath.

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